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The change in the mean number of cannabis use days per week at 3 months differed between self-help without chat (mean change 0.7, SD -0.2) and self-help with chat (mean change 1.4, SD -0.5; beta=-0.75, SE=0.32, t=-2.39, P=.02, d=0.34, 95% CI 0.07-0.61), as well as between self-help with chat and waiting list (mean change 1.0, SD -0.8; beta=0.70, SE=0.32, t=2.16, P=.03, d=0.20, 95% CI -0.07 to 0.47).

However, there were no differences between self-help without chat and waiting list (beta=-0.05, SE=0.33, t=-0.16, P=.87, d=-0.14, 95% CI -0.43 to 0.14).

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The sessions were conducted by trained counselors and addressed participants' personal problems.