My teacher is intimidating

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My teacher is intimidating

It is my hope that you will learn proper and healthy ways of interpreting your dreams here on this site.

There is a certain degree of intuition, coupled with logic and a working knowledge of dreaming involved though. Click the picture or CLICK HERE to visit our page on do-it-yourself dream analysis!

Dreaming is important to your psychological well being, in fact if you didn't do it your mental health would suffer.

Many people throughout history have misunderstood the art of dream interpretation.Dreams are one of life's most fascinating and intriguing mysterys.Humanity has had a love affiar with trying to figure out our dreams since the dawn of man.Many had wild theories that it was some kind of interaction with the afterlife, while others believe dreams are some sort of alternate reality.Fortunately many people realize that dreams are an extension of your consciousness, your brain's way of organizing and analyzing your day to day events while you are sleeping.

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Click the picture to the right to visit a page with some basic information to help you in the understanding of dreams. Here you will find a LOT of useful and easy to understand information on dreams and dream remembrance.