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Because of carbon storage in peat, northern peatlands currently have a net cooling effect on climate radiative forcing.

However, changes in either long-term carbon uptake or losses resulting from changes in climate or land use could alter the function of peatlands within the climate system.

Here we capitalize on a unique long-term experiment to examine changes in tree productivity and soil organic matter accumulation across a factorial combination of burning and drainage in a peatland in boreal western Canada.

We show that a decline in the water table stimulated tree productivity and organic matter accumulation in soils, but also changed the conditions for wildfires such that combustion of soil organic matter increased ninefold, leading to large losses of carbon from the peatland..

They kept their relationship strictly professional, revealed an insider.

But looks like, the young actor is finally planning to settle down in life now as he has once again found love of his life.

But right in the start of 2016, the news of Ran Kat’s breakup squashed all such stories.

Till today, neither of them have ever opened up about why it all happened and as of yet, they are both happily single, or so does it seem..

Across the boreal region, peatland hydrology is affected by numerous land uses, including drainage for agriculture, forestry, peat harvesting, and oil and gas extraction, probably becoming a dominant land use change affecting Canadian peatlands.

In addition to changes in land use practices, warming and increased evapotranspiration associated with climate change will lead to drying of peatlands unless increases in precipitation alleviate soil moisture deficits.

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Katrina did try to get back together with her ex beau but RK seemed to have already moved on. Just like we were taken aback by Ranbir and Katrina’s breakup, one fine day, you might just wake up to the news of their patch-up..