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I looked at my Facebook posts from 2011-2013 and it was the most gut wrenching, cringe worthy stuff I have ever seen... Best of luck with your I have a crush on this guy (call him E) our parents to friends and I met him a couple of years ago when I was on holiday staying with him and his fam I really liked him E found out but I didn't like him I like him again but there r some problems 1. His dad controls his social media and he doesn't have a phone number3.I can't tell anyone He is my age and travels on his own he stayed with me and my family during the summer and came to a summer camp gig I was doing we seemed happy when we hung out but only when we were alone. He was kind, sweet, funny, a real charmer—essentially, everything that I could have wanted in a guy, right down to a pair of amazing cheekbones.I had been planning our future together, both in my head and out in the open. I didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore, I thought. He was a jerk, he treated me badly, we broke up, I moved on, and that was that. But I knew that romantically, we couldn’t be together anymore.

It’s like reliving the break-up over and over again.

You feel intense loneliness, because you’re losing one of your closest companions, the to whom who you texted “good morning” and “good night” every single day.

You feel distraught, because you keep being reminded of it all by a song on the radio, or a bench you ate lunch on together, or a little trinket they gave you that you found behind your bed.

We would move to Philadelphia together, our fingers entwined, looking at apartments together, and talking about how lovely it would be to have one of them to ourselves. Suddenly, I couldn’t see us ever truly connecting in the real world. That realization made my heart sink into the depths of my stomach. There’s a vast misconception in this world, thanks to the good ol’ romantic comedy industry, that those who do the dumping are cold, heartless, and ready to run around and make out with anything that moves as soon as they kick their SO to the curb. But often—at least, for me—nothing could be farther from the truth.

It sounds ridiculous, but it certainly didn’t feel like it at the time. But outside of college, I saw our relationship in an entirely different light. There was a distance between us, a chasm that was widening so rapidly that I was afraid I’d be swallowed up forever. I had a lot of feelings and thoughts that didn’t seem to make any sense to me whatsoever.

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