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We are working round the clock all day to make our customers happy.We value our customers and we always strive to give them the best because our customers are great people.Basically, because of this law [SSMPA] the police treat people in any way that they please.They torture, force people to confess, and when they hear about a gathering of men, they just head over to make arrests.We provide SMS services to Nigerians: Companies, Governments, Churches, Mosques, Individuals and Politicians that needs bulk messaging for wedding invitations, product launch, political awareness, etc.We have one of the fastest delivery and we encourage you to be part of the winning team.-Executive Director of an Abuja NGO, October 2015 Vigilante groups have added homosexuality to their “terms of reference.” These groups are organized by community members, given authorization by the community to maintain some sort of order and “security.” -Executive Director of a Minna, Niger State NGO, October 2015 On January 7, 2014, Nigeria’s former president, Goodluck Jonathan, signed the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill (SSMPA) into law.The notional purpose of the SSMPA is to prohibit marriage between persons of the same sex. The law forbids any cohabitation between same-sex sexual partners and bans any “public show of same sex amorous relationship.” The SSMPA imposes a 10-year prison sentence on anyone who “registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organization” or “supports” the activities of such organizations.

Such provisions build on existing legislation in Nigeria, but go much further: while the colonial-era criminal and penal codes outlawed sexual acts between members of the same sex, the SSMPA effectively criminalizes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons based on sexual orientation and gender identity.With thousands of happy customers who have reaped the benefit of our fast delivery service; we strongly believe you will join us now as you are reading by creating your own account for free right away.In Cheapest Bulk SMS, rendering good and quality service in time of delivery is what many customers are looking for and this is what we stand for.Adult contains material of an adult nature relating to adult entertainment services.Before proceeding you must read, understand and agree to the following statements regarding Adult and the material within.

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