Who is cindy that george clooney is dating relative dating of fossils worksheets

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Who is cindy that george clooney is dating

Anyway, their Tequila is the result of years of hard…

well, drinking, if Gerber and Clooney are being honest.

during their 73 Questions video series about how she and her pal George Clooney accidentally ended up in the same bed once, the veteran supermodel replied: "Let's just chalk that up to Casamigos." The brunette beauty and her husband - and George’s business partner Rande Gerber - have been friends with the star for years.

The question referenced the hilarious story Cindy shared in 2015 about a night George and Rande went out without her and had too much fun — resulting in Amal Clooney’s husband mixing up bedrooms.

"We're waiting, too," Crawford said of the kids' birth slated for sometime in June.

"We'll see."Gerber and Crawford are certainly qualified to give their friend a stamp of approval as they have two teenagers of their own—Presley, 17, and Kaia, 15.

However, his close celebrity pals Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber are confident he's ready. He doesn't need advice," his Casamigos Tequila partner assured E! "He will do just fine."As for a specific due date, the couple kept mum.interview, the 51-year-old also revealed how she and her husband have kept their love alive after all these years.She shared: "We actually really like still like each other and we make sure that we spend a lot of time together." While her husband didn't make a cameo in the video, Cindy’s look-a-like daughter, Kaia, 15, did and got her mum to admit that she is "her favourite daughter." The model's 18-year-old son Presley also made an appearance, via Face Time, and got his mother to reveal her favorite part about being a mom, which is the “unconditional love." MORE: Cindy Crawford opens the doors to her beautiful Malibu home As for her favourite runway moment Cindy admitted: "Versace in '91.“We wanted to be able to drink it all night and not feel hungover. I wonder, given the sober approach to drinking in California, if he has any tips on responsible drinking. “So at about 3am, my wife comes in and she’s like, 'OH MY GOD, I JUST GOT INTO BED WITH GEORGE.’” And Rande is, like, 'what?It’s very different to most people’s experiences [of tequila] back in college or university.” They are launching it in the UK now in part so that Clooney can buy it when he is in the country, which is far more now he is married to British lawyer Amal Alamuddin. She likes the fact she doesn’t get a headache the next day.” I tell him that this miraculous hangover-free tequila is bound to go down well with us over here, where we like a drink or seven. ’ “She was like, 'I walked into the guest room and I got into bed with who I thought was you - passed out, face down with your clothes on.

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Yes, a glass of tequila sits in front of him, but I suspect it is to show willing given that he is here to plug his new tequila brand – Casamigos - that he and his old mate George have created together.

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