One to one cam fun

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One to one cam fun

“I don’t believe we play this game to be subpar or mediocre.And this season has not been mediocre by any means. We’re just excited to do what we do.” Newton is right. That lesson is especially important for anyone who plays professional sports.The opportunity to play at that level doesn’t last long, so players need to enjoy it while it lasts. That’s something many athletes forget—and not just athletes but all of us, no matter what job we do. There’s a lot of hard work involved, of course; Newton’s teammates talk about how he’s at the stadium from sun-up to sundown, perfecting his skills and working hard to be the best quarterback he can be—and it’s paying off. But the important thing is he hasn’t lost his soul doing it.We get caught up in the hard work, the day-to-day grind, and we forget that life is short. He hasn’t allowed the insecurities, the fears of failure, or the glory of fame rob him of his childlike delight in the game he loves.A picture is worth a thousand words, the old cliche goes. There's something about a good photograph that brings out the seen and the unseen. Photography in 360 degrees is officially becoming a thing.That answers as much as it leaves up to the imagination. What was happening just before the shutter snapped? And not just something photo geeks get to play with after spending thousands of dollars on rigs that look like fly eyes — but personal 360-degree recording devices.

Or you can just place the camera itself on a flat surface.

After Carolina Panthers’ Jonathan Stewart ran in for a touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks, Stewart handed the ball to a little girl in the stands. If you missed this video of kids who were handed prize footballs, you have to watch it. “[Newton] gave the ball to me, and I said, holy cow, my dad’s going to squeeze me as hard as he can,” one boy said.

Just look at her face: That’s pure childlike joy, and we have Cam Newton thank for it. The Heisman Trophy–winning quarterback, who has led his team to the Super Bowl and has annoyed opposing fans with his on-field celebrations, started the tradition of “Sunday giveaways.” This might come as a surprise to those of you who know Newton only for his touchdown dances and Superman poses. Others have complained that he’s arrogant and rude. “There’s like a kid stuck in his body.” He is like a big kid in a lot of ways.

(Pros can and still do stitch together shots from SLRs, but that almost seems like cheating.) But Photospheres are as tedious as they are fun.

A new wave of 360 cams is hitting this year, starting with two of the mobile manufacturers.

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“He engages players on other teams and talks legitimate trash to them,” Elliott wrote.

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