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It’s also important to consider some of the technical risks and to help prevent these by making sure you think about where you webcam is, what sites and services you use and what steps you can take to protect your webcam. It’s 4.30pm the kids are home from school, and you can hear your son or daughter singing up a storm or dancing in their room. Later on they are talking to a friend via their i Pod sitting on the couch, technology is wonderful, if only we had this growing up, no cueing up for the phone and being told to get off after 5 mins.Just say no People may use webcam chat to convince you to appear naked on camera or perform sexually suggestive acts.This can then be recorded by the watcher and be potentially used to threaten or blackmail.These apps may also have video sharing so that your child’s video could wind up on other social media apps like Facebook, Vine, Instagram or Twitter or downloaded privately to be shared in closed online groups.

Sharing photos or video taken via a webcam can give away personal information.How would you feel if I told you that your child was actually talking to a complete stranger or to 20 strangers or live streaming themselves out to the world, and were having middle aged men watching them and commenting on them…all live.Your child may also talking back to the middle aged men… The middle aged men are asking your child to perform in different ways, handstands, particular moves and they are complimenting your child on their sexiness.Jerome Rauen, 59, also makes a pop sound with his mouth after running a finger along the inside of his cheek.His ritual fascinates the kids, who try to mimic him.

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Not only could their audience be both adults and children watching them every time they broadcast, but they could be downloading and saving those broadcasts or sharing them on to other strangers.

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