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But Chaplin’s heart (or at least the heart of the film) beats pure. Comedy is about surprise, and Chaplin’s beats – while gentle compared to more modern iterations – still have a punch because he always knows to make a gag more than just what’s expected, and often things go off in odd and brilliant directions.

This is probably the best Chaplin film to watch if you’ve never seen one before.

The three end up in a house together trying to survive the cold weather, and while there, Big Jim and the Tramp get so hungry they end up eating a shoe.

Eventually Black Larson is killed, Big Jim loses his memory and the little tramp heads into town, where he finds work looking after someone’s home while they go prospecting.

The score (which was written by Chaplin) gets its due in ‘Music by Chaplin’ (25 min.) and the set closes out with four trailers for the movie.

‘A Time of Innovation’ gets effects maker Craig Barron to talk about the matte paintings and effects work in the film (19 min.).The film is presented in its original aspect ratio (1.33:1), with a mono mix for the ’42 version, and a 5.1 DTS-HD Master audio recording of the film’s score for the silent release.The silent version also comes with a great commentary by Timothy Brock, who walks through the main interest points about the making of the movie, and some of how Chaplin made the film, and his later cuts.The Criterion Collection release contains the restoration of the 1925 silent version, which is thought to be the most complete version of the original release, and the 1942 reissue.Both look great for their age, though speckles and wear are unavoidable in this case.

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There are a number of famous set pieces here, from Chaplin using little bread loaves as feet to do a dinner dance, to the sequence where two men are so hungry they begin envisioning the other as food, to the wind sequences, where Chaplin does what mimes are famous for.