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If you think that’s somehow ethically wrong, then stop watching TV, because they do exactly the same thing.During cooking shows, a large number of ads for cooking appliances and kitchen stuff will show. Heck, there’s even a bus-stop ad campaign in the UK that only shows itself when a female walks by. Scare tactics are part of the problem, from conspiracy theorists who believe the government is watching them and now the Internet tracking companies know their every move too.In other words, they can’t tell that your other tab is open on Asian Hotties or By far the easiest way to keep your private browsing actually private is to keep one particular browser, a portable thumbdrive version perhaps, to do all those browsing needs in.

We believe strongly in a free content model – whereby we provide free, high quality, full content to you with no restrictions – in exchange for showing you advertising.They only keep a record of sites in their network which you’ve browsed to.If company X puts a cookie on the New York Times and MSNBC site, and you browse to both those and Wikipedia, it only knows about the two upon on which it was placed.I’ll admit right now that when you throw social networks into the mix, we may have serious privacy concerns – because suddenly, all this data can be traced back to you and not simply an anonymous user.I’ll leave that to another time or another author to present that side of the argument though.

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From a user perspective, you’re going to find a whole host of features that don’t work as expected.