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East european dating

The reign of Oleg of Novgorod in the early tenth century witnessed the return of the Varangians to Novgorod and relocation of their capital to Kiev on the Dnieper.

From this base, the mixed Varangian-Slavic population (known as the Rus) launched several expeditions against Constantinople.

At first the ruling elite was primarily Norse, but it was rapidly Slavicized by the mid-century.

Sviatoslav I of Kiev (who reigned in the 960s) was the first Rus ruler with a Slavonic name.

Although some of them could have subjugated the region's Slavs, these foreign tribes left little trace in the Slavic lands.

The Early Middle Ages also saw Slavic expansion as an agriculturist and beekeeper, hunter, fisher, herder, and trapper people.

The earliest tribal centres of the East Slavs included Novgorod, Izborsk, Polotsk, Gnezdovo, and Kiev.

Archaeology indicates that they appeared at the turn of the tenth century, soon after the Slavs and Finns of Novgorod had rebelled against the Norsemen and forced them to withdraw to Scandinavia.

Bay was one of the largest producers and made some very good designs.The politicians may try to tear us apart, but the artists bring us together and hold us together. We also try to have a clue what we're talking about. German pottery, which is why these are only tips and tricks.We can tell Carstens from Scheurich, and we know a hawk from a handsaw no matter which way the wind is blowing. Just how companies marked the items, what clay they used, lettering style, numbering systems all varied at times.The Eastern Slavs of these early times apparently lacked a written language.The few known facts come from archaeological digs, foreign travellers' accounts of the Rus' land, and linguistic comparative analyses of Slavic languages.

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